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Super-Special Supplement Summary

Dr. Kusmis is not the only one who has seen how drinking plenty of pure water and eating healthy food without artificial ingredients can restore health and wellness. With our busy life-styles, several different types of "Super-Special Supplements" can make a difference also. All underlined words below are clickable, so check out each one of the sites below to hear from many others

Complete background of each manufacturer's product line, along with health benefits, appears on the pages which will come up after you click on each selection below.

Return to our Super-Special Supplement summary page from time to time to continue on where you left off! Take your time perusing the products, ingredients, and user reports.  Consistent usage of any single company's products, coupled with healthy diet and lifestyle, brings dramatic improvements.

None compete with each other, so imagine what combining them all can do!  
90 Essential Nutrients: 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins,  12 amino acids, 2-3 essential fatty acids.
DoTerra: Pure and powerful essential oils, including family physician kit.
Juice Plus: Encapsulated powders from dehydrated natural whole foods. Capsules can be ordered in 3 different blends:  Garden Blend, Orchard Blend, and Vineyard Blend.  Certified free of contaminates, etc.  Can open capsules and add to blender. YUMMY chewables (for all ages) also!

Be sure to check out their amazing Tower GardenTM  that allows even city apartment dwellers to grow their own vegetables year round!
MaxGXL: For accerated production of glutathione, the most important "mother of all" anti-oxidants.  
MicroHydrin: Powerful anti-oxidant that supplies your body building blocks to help create energy, enhance endurance, and speed recovery.  Another favorite from this company is their toothpowder.  You'll love the difference!

ProArgi9+:  Important for health of endothilium all over the body.   To view videos of medical practitioners describing how this works, click on the "Vital Life-Saving Info" tab in the top margin of this page. According to the medical doctors interviewed,  this promotes cardio-vascular health, intestinal health, and the health of every organ in the body.    There they describe how it prevents and reverses  atherosclerosis, stroke, heart disease,  erectile dysfunction, and complicatons from  diabetes. They also report that it normalizes blood pressure and improves circulation, athletic performance, immune function, kidney health... and even the condition and appearance of our skin!