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Consult by Phone
Dr. Aalia Kusmis
Bio-Spiritual Wellness, LLC



There is nothing you can't discuss with Dr. Kusmis, since she is cross-trained, and everything you say will be kept totally confidential.

Regardless of the complexity of your condition, she will listen and respond to your needs.

She may provide referrals and information which you have never even heard about before, since she  has contacts world-wide.

But in every case these will be approaches known to be  SAFE, with no harmful side effects.

Phone consultations are available only to those who speak English, have e-mail capabililty, and are available to take calls between  6:00 PM and 10:00 PM EST (New York time).

If you live in the USA, Dr. Kusmis will phone you at your confirmed appointment time, so you won't have to pay toll charges. There is also an e-mail option available if you are not able to speak during the available times.

Feeling worse instead of better?
Challenged and Confused?

Now you CAN afford expert help! 

Even though the office is now closed, you can still consult by phone or e-mail with Dr. Kusmis, whose credentials appear here: Background of Dr. Kusmis.

Consultations are available only to those who speak English and have e-mail capabililty.  Those wishing to speak with Dr. Kusmis must be available take calls between  6:00 PM and 10:00 PM EST (New York time). If you are unavailable during those times (or if you do not have a USA phone number, or if you don't want to wait for a phone appointment opening) please choose the  "e-mail only" option, as described by item (7) at the very end of this page.

You can schedule just one phone consultation if you choose, or set up to receive on-going support on a regularly recurring basis. This means the same day and time every week, every other week, or once a month.

To get started, you will first need to secure a time slot for the length of appointment  you would like.  Please make your choice from the drop-down menu below.  

Please be sure to also enter a short description of your problem in the comments box which comes up as you make a secure payment, and then check your e-mail regularly (including spam folder) for further instructions.  This e-mail will be sent to the same address appearing on the PayPal statement we receive, so if you  have an additional e-mail address be sure to check the one you use for PayPal.

A complete description of the scheduling process appears on the bottom half of this page. Please take the time to read it.  Thank you.

Select consultation duration


Wellness Coaching and Other Types of
Regularly Recurring  Consultations

For those who originally contacted Dr. Kusmis  for services as a motivational speaker, NLP hypnotherapist, wellness coach,  Total Transfiguration trainer, or general counseling, follow-up support via phone or e-mail is both convenient and cost-effective.   

Reduced rates apply if you schedule regularly recurring appointments on the same day and time every week for 4 weeks in a row. To do that, select 4 appointments at a time  when using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of this screen. The complete procedure is described below.

Procedure Details for Phone Consultations

(1) In the upper right section of this page, select and pay for the number and duration of phone consultations you wish to schedule.  On the next page that comes up, please be sure to enter the topic to be discussed in the comments box, as well as the type of counseling.  If you are scheduling regularly recuring phone consultations, also specify weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

(2) Within 3 business days after we receive notification from PayPal that your payment has cleared, you should receive an e-mail.   If you are a new client, registration and agreement forms will be attached to this e-mail, which you should complete. Be sure your Client Agreement form includes a witness signature next to yours, in order to avoid a delay in scheduling your appointment. Scan in the completed forms, and attach them to an e-mail sent to info@ulcsclinic.com. Be sure that the subject line of your e-mail says "NEW  CLIENT  REGISTRATION  FORMS".

(3) Once we receive your completed forms and desired appointment time(s),  we will send you  e-mail confirmation and some choices currently available for the time duration you specified.

(4) You can then e-mail us back indicating your choice. Also provide the phone number you want to be contacted at.

(5) We will then reply to that e-mail,  clearly stating which selected time(s) have been reserved for you. 

(6) Provided that you have a USA phone number, Dr. Kusmis will phone you at the appointment time. Otherwise, you will be provided with a special number to call at the appointment time. 


(a) Please be sure to be standing by at your appointment time to receive your call.  If you do not pick up, Dr. Kusmis will keep re-trying every 3 minutes until your time slot has expired.  No refunds will be given for failure to pick up on your call, since the time slot you reserved could not be made available to anyone else.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, this request must be acknowledged and authorized at least 48 hours before your appointment time. Be sure to make a note of the cancellation  number you receive in response to your request, in order to apply your previous payment to another time slot (or receive a refund).

(7) E-Mail Only Option: If you are not available to schedule a phone consultation during the hours posted (or simply wish  e-mail correspondence), select the 15 minute phone consultation option but enter in the comments box "E-MAIL CONSULTATION". The same steps above will apply in regards to necessary forms, but you will be able to ask your question(s) by e-mail.  A single e-mail reply is covered by your fee.  If you have additional questions or wish continued e-mail correspondence, please repeat the procedure again.