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August 2013

In Loving Memory


Dr. Aalia Kusmis

Feb 6, 1943 -  

August 2012



Because of her  personal discoveries, she has requested that those wishing to send flowers instead give a special gift to themselves:  Consider the information posted on the following link, to see if anything there is uplifting. There are many other links posted there, including free self-help techniques. 

If that site won't come up anymore, then instead bring up:

She is survived by her husband, Joseph Michael Kusmiss of Sanbornton NH,  her daughter, Rachel Dowd, and  three grandchildren, Jamies Dowd IV, David Dowd, and Kendra Dowd, all residing in Auburn, NH. She is also survived by her mother Elizabeth C. Matricaria of Avon, CT, and sisters Elizabeth Hutchinson of Bridgton, ME, and Sharon Kelly of Avon, CT.

As the second child of Dorio Anthony Matricaria and Elizabeth Louise Crossland Matricaria, Aalia was Christened with the name "Gail Alfreda Crossland Matricaria", and raised in Ansonia, CT.  She was first female student ever to take the college scientific technical course at the Ansonia High School. Because of a thirst to understand how the universe works, she loved all the sciences, ranking first  academically in that curriculum.

After becoming engaged at her high school graduation, she attended  Quinnipiac College in Hamden, CT, on a full tuition scholarship as a pre-med student.   There she ranked first in her class of 361 students. She also received Quinnipiac's Faculty Freshman Award at the completion of her first year,  although she eloped 3 days after turning age 18, which was after completing the first semester.

She married her high school  sweetheart, David Michael Petz of Derby, CT. Although her scholarship covered all expenses for 4 years, her husband's reaction to  her continued academic achievements resulted in her sacrificing the remaining 3 years of her scholarship.  She did this in order to work full time to put him through college instead.

She was told she could be the stay-at-home mother of several children to come, since they would be supported by their father.  The couple planned their first child to be born the same month the father graduated from College.  However, 6 months into the pregancy, the father demanded a divorce,  abandoning the marriage as soon as he graduated from college. 

Devistated emotionally, she was left with a 3 week old baby to raise on her own. So she went back to school to complete her education while simultaneously supporting herself and raising the child without financial or other assistance from any one else, including family members.

While retaining her (then) married name of Gail Petz, she continued to work as a computer programmer, receiving a BS in Math and Physics in 1970 and a MS in Electrical Engineering in  1973, both from the University of Connecticut with top honors.

She worked over 25 years in the computer industry,  primarily with IBM Corporation and Nortel Networks. Understanding computers thoroughly, she witnessed their evolution from first generation computers (before operating systems were developed).  These she programmed in binary, octal, and hexidecimal code. 

As an electrical engineer, she also created and implemented instruction sets for IBM computers, using horozontal microcode to control data flows between flip-flops, gates, and registers.  As computers became more sophisticated, she mastered numerous computer languages and operating systems.  

Throughout the years, she worked as a programmer-analyst, systems programmer, software engineer, hardware engineer, computer design engineer,  and systems architect. She also performed systems modeling,  presenting results to IBM and Nortel customers. 

In the meanwhile, as a single parent dissatisfied with the limited day care available in the early 70's, she  formulated her own preschool program and founded  Fantasyland Day Schools, Inc. The curriculum  included instruction in foreign languages, music, yoga, dance, arts & crafts, theatrical productions, and other activities to promote balance and joy.   Students were regularly visited by  costumed Fantasyland characters who helped children act out their dreams.  

Soon she found herself simultaneously directing three preschools, located in Boulder, Longmont, and Louisville, Colorado. Perhaps it was the joyful voices of large groups of children, energetically singing the Fantasyland Theme Song which she wrote, which attracted so many children. This song had three rhyming verses describing all their activities, plus a chorus stressing that "Learning can really be FUN!"

She especially enjoyed working directly with her own daughter, along with the other pre-school children,  even though that was possible was only during holidays and vacations from her full time job at IBM. 

Her choice of leading a spiritual life included a minimum of two hours meditation daily in addition to everything  else she was doing. But she found peace and contentment as a vegetarian celibate, focusing on co-creating quality time with her daughter instead of dating.

In 1983 she left IBM in order to move to New Hampshire so her daughter could attend a spiritually-oriented private school. For a short time there, she worked full-time  as Asst. Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire at Plymouth,  

In 1984 she married Joseph Michael Kusmis, who had previously worked with her as a computer scientist at IBM.  At the same time she accepted a position with Nortel Networks in Concord, NH.,  as a Sr. Design Engineer  in their Computer Architecture  Group, where she designed computer hardware.

Always a "truth-seeker", she continued to explore all the latest scientific discoveries,  while simultaneously studying numerous religious and spiritual systems. She spent over 40 years devoting an hour each morning and evening to meditation.  Ordained first by the Universal Life Church and known as Rev. Gail Sevadar (Sevadar literally translates into "Servant of God"), she was guest speaker at the Unitarian Universalist Churches in Concord and Franklin, NH, during the 80's and 90's.  During that time, she also founded and hosted the "Universal Spiritual Fellowship". She sometimes published scientific research papers under the middle two names "Alfreda Crossland" appearing on her birth certificate. She also used pseudonyms when copywriting music and poetry, ensuring that all proceeds would go to her daughter.

Concurrently, in  July 1989 she suddenly became paralyzed from the neck down.  She took a lunch break leaving everything out on her desk, but never again returned to her office.  Every test for multiple sclerosis came out positive, and the only body part she could move was her mouth.

She would bite her hospital call button and then joyfully speak of her insights.  She explained that she was enjoying her vacation from having been such a "workaholic".  She further explained that she was thankful for the extra time to devote to meditation, which had been her source of comfort, strength, illumination, peace, and bliss ever since she lost her first husband.

While meditating, she received clear cognitions of the root cause of her illness and how to clear it.  She could actually see the virus that causes MS, and understood that prednisone and other immune-suppressing steroids prescribed by her neurologist were not the answer.  So she checked out of the hospital against doctors' orders, as necessary to be free to follow her own holistic regime.

After regaining usage of all body parts, she became perpetually grateful, relieved that she would not be a burden on others.  Since her daughter was then a college student, she decided to devote her remaining life to encouraging others to consider holistic alternatives, in conjunction with learning how to go within for Divine guidance in all things, including self-healing.

She had previously founded  the ULCS Clinic, but later founded Bio-Spiritual Wellness, LLC where she continued to assist others wishing to learn how to heal themselves until the time of her death, incorporating numerous holistic modalities while continuing to investigate the latest discoveries.

She studied herbology under Dr. Christopher, and Ayurveda under Dr. Saboda (a student of Vasant Lad).   Although she originally studied acupuncture at the University of Colorado, she later received additional training and certification at the Institute of Bio-Molecular Education and Research, on the effective usage of electro-acupuncture and the Electro-Acuscope.

After receiving a PhD in comparative religion, she took numerous psychology courses in order to become licensed as a pastoral councelor.  She also became certified in NLP  Hypnotherapy, Vogel Quartz Crystal Therapy, Electro-Acupuncture, and numerous  bio-medical devices. Interested in subtle-body energy emanations, she studied and experimented with radionics for decades, as well as biofeedback and numerous other electronic devices. But in regards to making use of holistic equipment, she realized that the human body itself, once properly attuned, becomes a multi-dimensional healing instrument, far more effective than any bio-medical devices or medications, which are limited to density 1 harmonics.

Her meditations sometimes provided awareness of various color spectra of healing energy currents flowing throughout the unified field, so she called her energy healing modality "Universal Life Force Current Synchronization" (ULCS). 

Although she later became a Reiki Master, she soon realized that this was just another step along the way, since that was limited to density 1 currents which contained distortions that needed to be cleared by higher dimensional frequencies. 

She was a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine,  Healing International, and  Chairman of the New England Energy Healing Association. She was listed as a Multi-Dimensional  Energy Healing Expert by SelfGrowth.com. 

Since she enjoyed designing beautiful gowns, she supplemented her income by operating a bridal shop "Gail's Glamorous Gowns" for 10 years. But this was while giving priority to holistic clients of her main business, the ULCS Clinic. A trained videographer, she also owned and operated "Universal Video Productions", especially enjoying videotaping weddings, pageants, and ballroom dancing events.
Regardless of her own personal situation and busy schedule, she always took the time  to work with clients on an individual basis.  As an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church,  she preached from the pulpit of Unitarian Churches both in Concord and Franklin, NH.  She also  founded and hosted the "Universal Spiritual Fellowship" which had over 100 members in the 80's, followed by 3 different Meetup groups from 2,008 until the time of her death.

In year 2,000 she discovered the Kathara(tm) Bio-Spiritual Healing System, part of  Keylontic Science technologies which were then still in the process of being translated from ancient Maharata Texts.  

After becoming certified as a Kathara(tm) practitioner and  instructor, she enthusiastically  trained others how access and direct multi-dimensional frequencies for body-mind-spirit energy healing.   She also became a Level IV Ordinate Consummate of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO).

She kept current with all the latest Keylontic Science technologies as soon as they became available, including the follow-on teachings of the Tan-Tri-Ahura, the Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™.  She also understood the true history of our civilization, as revealed by the complete set of translations. 

She considered  these teachings to be the most profound discovery of her life.  Believing it to be the hope for humanity, she requested that anyone who may desire to make a memorial donation to some worthy cause, consider their own self-development as the most worthy cause of all.  She felt sure that those who were willing to take the time to understand these teachings, regularly engaging in the self-regeneration techniques, would benefit.

She was very thankful for her beautiful talented daughter, of whom she was very proud.  As an adult, she became her closest friend and confidant.   She cherished her grandchildren, and was grateful to live close enough to visit them weekly. She loved to play with them and watch them grow.   Spending time with them healed her heartache from never having had the opportunity to become a full-time stay-at-home mother.

She was  thankful for the loyal dedication of her second husband, Joseph.  It wasn't easy for him when she chose to check out of the hospital against doctor's orders while paralyzed, to go on her own holistic regime instead.  He tolerated her varied interests even though he did not share them.   He even paid for some of her courses, including training in classical opera.  Even though he did not want to ever dance himself, he insisted on paying for years and years of her classes in ballroom dancing. He knew that she considered ballroom dancing an essential part of her holistic regime, and that she could never keep a smile off her face while she was dancing!

She played three musical instruments in her life, but stopped once she got too busy.  But she never gave up singing or writing music  and poetry.  Her last wish was that no one mourn her passing, since she successfully completed the purpose for which she came. She was always thankful for the insights and inspirations she received, as well as the continual challenges along the way, which  just made her stronger. 

She previously arranged to have her remains cremated.  She requested that if any memorial service is conducted, that attendees wear pastel colors of celebration, and that the service include a segment where everyone can sing with joy… and dance like no one is watching!