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Vital Life-Saving Information
Since heart attack is rated as the number one killer, the best "life-saver" of all may be unmasking the myth of cholesterol.  This is explained by Dr. Joel Wallach in the video which will come up  if you click here.  If you wish more info on his recommendations or to order his PROVEN products, click here.
Also, take the time to explore  the amazing  implications of a discovery made by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Ignarro.

There are several informative video clips on this topic below. Since total viewing time is considerable, we recommend you first simply listen to the sound track by minimizing the screen each time, while simultaneously doing other work on your computer. 

For best understanding, listen in the order in which they are mentioned below.  Links hilighted in yellow will take you to another site. These are composite speakers, and there will be slight (silent) delays between the different speakers.


Start out with a summary of reports from numerous medical practitioners describing this discovery, by clicking here. 

For a report by the American Health Journal which includes an interview with Dr. Ignarro, click here.

It would definately be worthwhile to take the time to continue on, and view all the videos below.   These include doctors describing how numerous life-threatening conditions are being reversed by a product formulated to keep our endothelium healthy.   

The topics discussed include heart disease, diabetes,  atherosclerosis,  kidney disease,  stroke, pulmonary hypertension, macular degeneration, high blood pressure, and more!  

The next two videos include Dr. Prendergast, who formulated ProArgi-9+ partly because of his own health condition.

The next video is much shorter, a 15 minute interview with Dr. Siva Arunasalam, founder of the High Desert Heart Institute. This includes impressive clinical results, as well as numerous research projects, demonstrating the efficacy of ProArgi-9+.


 Additional benefits of  ProArgi-9+ include:

* Combats premature cardiovascular aging
* Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
* Increases blood flow to muscles 
* Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
* Helps decrease body fat

For further information or to place an order,
click on the product image.  Info about other
products can also be accessed by that site.

When you select the flavor of ProArgi-9+, keep in mind that only the grape flavor is sweetened  by luo han guo,  also called monk's fruit.  Choosing this flavor may have additional benefits, since luo han guo is reported to have the following properties:

* Powerful anti-oxidant
* Inhibits tumor growth
* Improves digestion
* Promotes heart health 
* Non-glycemic
* Does not raise blood sugar levels
* Does not stimulate insulin production
* Does not stimulate fat storage