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Aalia Kusmis, MS, PhD

Although she is not a practicing ND at this time, Dr. Kusmis received her ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing and spent over 10 years in that profession. 

Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness has remained her focus throughout her 28 years of continued service, facilitating wellness in others. Cross-trained in numerous holistic modalities, she continues to favor an eclectic approach. 

Impressed by results experienced by combination approaches, she understands the true meaning of "Holistic". 


Dr. Kusmis is a member of Healing International, and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. 

Check out her rating as an Energy Healing EXPERT here:  Self Growth.com

 More About Dr. Kusmis' Professional Background 

Having studied herbology under Dr. Christopher, and Ayurveda under Dr. Saboda (a student of Vasant Lad), Dr. Kusmis still finds both modalities very helpful.  She studied acupuncture at the University of Colorado, but after receiving additional training and certification at the Institute of Bio-Molecular Education and Research,  Dr. Kusmis came to prefer electro-acupuncture, since quicker results can be achieved by this non-invasive modality.

Interested in subtle-body energy emanations, Dr. Kusmis studied and experimented with radionics for decades, as well as biofeedback and numerous other electronic devices.  She also received a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. She remains knowledgeable about numerous electro-therapies, although she now favors healing with energetics which use the human body as a finely tuned instrument instead.  She is a Reiki Master and Certified KatharaTM Bio-Spiritual Healing Facilitator.

She was in a PhD program in bio-medical engineering at Syracuse University, but although she excelled in her studies there, she chose to withdraw in order to move to Colorado under the advise her child's medical doctor, who said a climate change would alleviate the child's respiratory problems. She later received her PhD in comparative religion, also becoming an ordained minister. She is a Level IV MCEO Ordinate Consummate (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order).

After receiving training in clinical psychology, she became licensed as a pastoral counselor. Upon receiving certification in Ericsonian Hypnotherapy in conjunction with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr. Kusmis incorporated that modality into her counseling practice.

While in Colorado, Dr. Kusmis founded and operated three pre-schools while simultaneously working as a computer design engineer for IBM Corporation, specializing in bio-medical equipment. There she developed a long term friendship with another IBM scientist, Dr. Marcel Vogel, who trained her in the effective usage of VogelTM precision laser-cut quartz crystals for healing.

Dr. Kusmis is also a skilled intuitive, perhaps from having devoted an hour each morning and evening to spiritual meditation for over 35 years. Believing everyone can develop their own powers of discernment, she teaches clients a technique which activates their ESP and higher sensory capabilities.

As clients experience results from "switching on" these current flows to enhance their own innate knowingness, their self-confidence increases and they begin to realize they have many more options! Feeling empowered by this, many choose to continue on with classes to activate additional capabilities for energetic self-healing. The resulting feeling of well-being and consciousness-expansion is a joyful discovery, as clients progressively work with the powerful energetic techniques which Dr. Kusmis teaches!

Dr. Kusmis is also an effective motivational speaker, enthusiastically introducing alternative approaches to maintain health and wellness. Organizations wishing to motivate their employees to make healthy lifestyle choices can benefit by sending them to these powerful presentations! Arrangements can also be made for Wellness Seminars to be conducted on site.

Since she attends several holistic conferences every year, she has developed professional contacts worldwide. Knowledgeable about methods generally unknown, she  provides referals to expert practitioners outside the USA when appropriate. 

In addition to her many other activities, Dr. Kusmis still makes time to work with clients on an individual basis. She understands the challenges involved during the transition period of making important life-style changes. Warm and sincere, she  always finds it meaningful to provide loving support to those who might otherwise feel overwhelmed.   The reason why she understands the challenges faced by others is because of her own personal background, which follows.