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Notice: This information is not to be construed as a substitution for medical or psychiatric treatment, or to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailment, disease or affliction.

Saturday Classes
New England Students

This class has EVERYTHING to do with consciousness expansion, spiritual development and healing... healing of ALL your parts!

Have you ever wondered about the structure of our Cosmos or what types of healing energies might be accessed from the highest spiritual realms of creation?

Detailed charts are available on the amazing structure of our cosmos, complete with star-gate connections to higher realms. These include time cycles and the nature of the anti-particle body on parallel earth.

Additional details include the anatomy of our spirit body, and even dark matter which scientists are now only theorizing about.
But this is just the beginning.

Going higher still, you will learn where incorruptible primordial plasma frequencies of first creation are located, which have never before been accessible on planet.

These frequencies cannot be perverted or misused to result in reversals,  such as those inadvertently triggered by contemporary energy healers.

By accessing these currents yourself, you can progressively restore the original organic energetic encryption in all manifestation templates of your multi-dimensional bio-spiritual anatomy!

Classes for New England residents are held during the summer months in central NH. Class time will be from 3:00 - 6:00 PM, preferably on the first Saturday of each month.  If less than 6 students have registered in time for the next class, this will be delayed until there is a minimum of 6 students.

Class size is limited to 12.  A non-refundable tuition fee of $48 is due at the time of registration.   To register, please click below and follow instructions on the page which comes up.

Once your payment clears, you will be contacted by e-mail with directions and a receipt which you must bring with you in order to be admitted into the class.  

Multi-Dimensional Healing
Primordial Plasma Currents

Guess why current energy healing modalities don't give lasting results?  It's because they don't address the root cause of dis-ease.  In order to understand that, we must first learn about all of our parts!

Unfortunately, contemporary science knows nothing about our various energy bodies or their manifestation templates.   But an ancient energy healing modality recently translated from cloistered records provides amazing details! According to these records, we are multi-dimensional beings residing in a multi-dimensional cosmos.  

When regulated by the original organic encryption in our DNA,  multi-dimensional energy currents circulate as intended, resulting in perpetual youthful health and longevity.

But currently the mathematical templates of our energy bodies contain code convolutions (called miasms) which distort the natural energy flows.

On top of that, distorted frequencies have been contaminating our environment in ways not generally understood. This means that it is helpful to access frequencies which can protect against existing energetic distortions which would otherwise have serious consequences.

That's why this self-healing  course includes detailed information about different kinds of energy currents and the nature our own multi-dimensional structure.  It also includes information about the cosmos, which is a multi-dimensional system of holographic experiential domains interconnected by star-gates. 

Since 2013, it has been possible to  access plasma healing currents from the highest level, where our original encryption has been preserved uncorrupted.  Students will learn how to  access these to restore the original organic functioning of their DNA. 

They will also learn what else is encoded in the DNA template besides what contemporary science knows... and the astounding implications thereof!  



You will also learn why you should never go to any kind of an energy healing practitioner, and why multi-dimensional self-healing is the way of the future!

2013 was the beginning of a Golden New Age, when a technique was given out to enable everyone to access the highest healing frequencies themselves! Accordingly, Dr Kusmis no longer offers energy healing client sessions like those shown in the photo above.


This bio-spiritual energy healing class has absolutely nothing to do with either diagnosing or curing diseases, as defined by allopathic medicine,  which does not recognize the existence of energy templates, multi-dimensional energy bodies, or even higher dimensions.

Although some holistic systems have been working with auras, chakras, and meridians, information about their multi-dimensional nature, as well as their mathematical templates, was not preserved in those systems. 

However in this system, amazing ancient records have preserved all the necessary details!  Numerous anatomical constructs are included, along with intricate technical diagrams describing how these interact.  Details of bio-spiritual energy flows include the layout of our cosmos and how to access various frequencies for  healing and consciousness expansion.

Our true history is also contained in these records, as well as additional techniques to journey to the higher realms. This information is the most valuable gift of all, because combining the plasma currents with techniques for self-mastery empowers us to make enlightened choices every step along the way.  This includes the ability to reclaim conscious control of our destiny!

Introducing Your Class Instructor

Dr. Kusmis is shown in the photo above. At one time she was a full-time faculty member at the University of New Hampshire at Plymouth. Although not a practicing ND at this time, she received her Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing.  Since she attends several holistic conferences every year, she has developed professional contacts worldwide. Knowledgeable about methods generally unknown, she  provides referals to expert practitioners outside the USA when appropriate. 

For 20 years she has also studied advanced techniques for Energy Healing.  She is a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine,  Healing International, and  Chairman of the New England Energy Healing Association. She has been classified as a Multi-Dimensional  Energy Healing Expert by www.SelfGrowth.com.

Having studied herbology under Dr. Christopher, and Ayurveda under Dr. Saboda (a student of Vasant Lad), Dr. Kusmis still finds both modalities very helpful.  She studied acupuncture at the University of Colorado, but after receiving additional training and certification at the Institute of Bio-Molecular Education and Research,  Dr. Kusmis came to prefer electro-acupuncture, since quicker results can be achieved by this non-invasive modality.

Interested in subtle-body energy emanations, Dr. Kusmis studied and experimented with radionics for decades, as well as biofeedback and numerous other electronic devices.  She also received a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. She remains knowledgeable about numerous electro-therapies, although she now favors healing with energetics which use the human body as a finely tuned instrument instead.  She is a Reiki Master and Certified KatharaTM Bio-Spiritual Healing Facilitator and Instructor.

She was in a PhD program in bio-medical engineering at Syracuse University, but although she excelled in her studies there, she chose to withdraw in order to move to Colorado under the advise of a medical doctor, who said her sick child required a climate change. She later received her PhD in comparative religion, also becoming an ordained minister. After receiving training in clinical psychology, she became licensed as a pastoral counselor. Upon receiving certification in Ericsonian Hypnotherapy in conjunction with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr. Kusmis incorporated that modality into her counseling practice.

While in Colorado, Dr. Kusmis founded and operated three pre-schools while simultaneously working as a computer design engineer for IBM Corporation, specializing in bio-medical equipment. There she developed a long term friendship with another IBM scientist, Dr. Marcel Vogel, who trained her in the effective usage of VogelTM precision laser-cut quartz crystals for healing.

Dr. Kusmis is also a skilled intuitive, perhaps from having devoted an hour each morning and evening to spiritual meditation since 1973. Believing everyone can develop their own powers of discernment, she teaches clients a technique which activates their ESP and higher sensory capabilities.

As clients experience results from "switching on" these current flows to enhance their own innate knowingness, their self-confidence increases and they begin to realize they have many more options! Feeling empowered by this, many choose to continue on with classes to activate additional capabilities for energetic self-healing. The resulting feeling of well-being and consciousness-expansion is a joyful discovery, as clients progressively work with the powerful energetic techniques which Dr. Kusmis teaches!