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Basic Wellness Information

This information is extremely important to understand, so it would be a good idea to return to this page from time to time to explore each of the topics mentioned in the paragraphs below.
Although we subscribe to numerous medical journals and newsletters by medical doctors and holistic practitioners, it is simply not possible to post all the health tips available in these publications, or observed by our practitioners.

We believe that education is vital, and self-education at your own pace is what works. 


As you become informed, you will be in a position to make intelligent choices about your own health-management and realize that no matter how many professional doctors you engage... it is still YOU who are responsible for the decisions made. Even the medical establishment allows for a patient to get a "2nd opinion" elsewhere!   Hospitals provide "patient advocates" but you don't need to go into a hospital to adopt that approach, since you can be your OWN patient advocate with increasing level of expertise the more you educate yourself. 

On this site, you will come across information by presenters who don't necessarily agree with each other.  That's why it is important to view  the data behind each perspective and then use your own innate powers of discernment to  choose well.  For example, you may be surprised by the contents of the first video about the 10 most dangerous foods by Dr. Peter Glidden, which you can view by clicking here.  Related to that is an interview with Dr. Joel Wallach, which will come up if you click here.  If you are interested in the essential 90 nutrients he was referring to, you can continue exploring these on the site which will come up if you click here

You may have noticed that  Dr. Wallach did not seem to realize the importance of energy flows until the interviewer mentioned it.  However regulating and strengthening the healthy kinds of energy flows  is also vital for good health.   Click here for some free yoga demos. Even if you have some disabilities that prevent you from getting into certain positions, there are usually alternative adaptations you can do in any yoga system that appeals to you.  So don't give up!  Stretching and breathing is just as important as regular physical exercize for maintaining health and wellness.

Returning to the topic of diet, a different perspective is presented by  Dr. Michael Greger, who summarizes a massive body of research in a way which is not boring to listen to.  For an entertaining video on what he considers the top 15 causes of death, click here.

Keep in mind also that good sanitation practices are important to prevent infections.  Since some types are air-borne, it is important to understand when it is appropriate to wear face masks, etc. 

If you already have an existing infection, it is important to understand how to safely eliminate it when over-prescribed anti-biotics are simply not working.  Most realize that maintaining an alkalyne pH and using colloidal silver are safe and effective. But it is also important to understand that it is vital to deliver adequate oxygen to every cell of your body.     

Getting oxygen and other nutrients to the inside your cell walls is important to fight infections as well as  other anerobic conditions such as cancer.  Cutting edge research on Exclusion Zone water is worthy of consideration, even though this is often confused with other types of water such as H302, Easy Water or structured water (which it is NOT).

So many degenerative diseases are viewed as nothing more than natural consequences of growing old, but the commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals seem to trigger even more problems without offering any real cure.  But what if these conditions have resulted from a common cause? There is currently an epidemic of "silent inflammation" affecting people of all ages. 

If you are looking for answers to causes to various types of degenerative diseases, you might want to consider  research  published under titles appearing in the left margin of the page that will come up if you click here.   Another viewpoint  is expressed by Dr. Glidden here.

How many diseases do you think are related to stress?  Even if you contracted a disease long ago and have successfully managed it by whatever means you chose... the bottom line is that you will find that stress triggers a relapse.  That's why avoiding or at least managing stress effectively is vital.  Most people know that meditation, deep breathing, yoga, getting adequate sleep, etc. are important.  But how many realize fully the role that B vitamins play in the brain's capability to function under stress?  To bring up a link to a book which tells the story, click here.  This is current list of condition "used" offerings for a book Dr. Kusmis read years ago, as soon as it was released.  

Here is the gist of what you will read there: All the B vitamins must be taken in proper balance, and if you take too many of one kind that this will effectively create the equivalent of a deficiency in another. Taking Rx pharmaceuticals can also have effect of creating deficiencies. You will also come to understand that like Vitamin C, the B vitamins are water soluble, which means they get excreted daily and therefore must be ingested daily. And stressfull activities or activities requiring intense mental concentration or memory recall (even playing chess) quickly dissipates B Vitamins, indicating that the brain uses them in a (yet unidentified) way in order to function properly.

Check out what physician-epidemiolist Dr. Samuel Milham discovered about the role of electrification has upon the diseases of civilization, as described here.

Did you know that there is a way you can check in with your body-consciousness regularly using kinesiology testing to get an indication as to whether any food or supplement you take is indicated at that time?  You can ask yes-no questions as you progress down your own decision-tree to also determine whether your dosage should be changed.  Check out the following book, "Your Body Doesn't Lie" by John Diamond, MD, which describes how, by clicking here.   

Our cells were designed to rejuvenate and heal themselves of virtually ANYTHING.  Dr. Ronald Drucker states this in his book "The Code of Life". Click here for a free download and further information.

Are you careful to check the labels of the food you buy to be sure they don't contain GMO's?  If you don't understand what GMO's are, it would be worthwile to search the web and educate yourself.  A good place to start might be with the  video which will come up if you click here.

Do you always make it a point to check to see if what  you are about to eat or drink contains any excitotoxins? This info is extremely vital to understand, as explained in the book you can order here.  Dr. Blaylock starts out with a great tutorial on how the brain works. He wasn't kidding when he described the presence of these in our food as "the taste that kills"!  For a related topic, click here to view a free video where he describes the importance of controlling free radicals.  When he explains the role of anti-oxidants, listen carefully when he points out that taking adequate dosages of vitamin C is not enough, since vitamin C in turn oxidizes, creating more free radicals!  As he explains, is absolutely essential to instead boost your levels of glutathione, which is the only anti-oxidant which recycles itself instead.  This is called the "mother of all anti-oxidants" by  Mark Hyman, MD, who describes widespread applications discovered in his clinical practice here.  For the best glutathione enhancer, click here.

If you have been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, it is important to understand the details described here. But also, keep in mind that according to Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden, the root of the problem is mineral deficiencies.  

Might you be considering HRT (hormone replacement therapy)?  If so, click here for a great book written by Dr. Betty Kamen,  who first gained notoriety by having discovered the role of folic acid in regards to preventing birth defects. This is written in very simple language with examples that any reader can easily  understand. Keep in mind though, that in addition to supplementing with natural hormones and calcium, you also need additional minerals such as boron.  And in addition to adequate amounts of vitamin D,  your bones need regular weight-bearing exercize.  It is not necessary to join a gym to do this.  Just get some dumbbells and a good video, and fit this activity into your schedule in between other activities at home.

Everyone should become aware that abnormal thyroid function (currently undetected and undiagnosed in epidemic proportions including 52 million Americans) gives rise to 59 different diseases. To view an informative video by Dr. David Browstein, click here

Don't miss the following video on top conditions people report on visits to their doctor's office.  It turns out that these are directly related to diet and life-style.  Click here for a well-researched presentation with great visual aids. You will enjoy Dr. Gregor's humor also!

What to do if you want to purchase some specific supplements after understanding all of the above?  

We suggest readers search the web for the best deals possible while avoiding herbs and supplements grown in places like China where the crops are grown next door to factories with smoke stacks spewing out toxic chemicals that unavoidably will be in the soil.  Be ever mindful of fact that even products grown on the west coast of the USA will now unavoidably contain radio-active materials as a result of the Fukushima disaster.  It is especially important to avoid products derived from any type of oceanic marine life, whether fish,  seaweed, or algae. No type of fish oil is safe anymore, but we can recommend a specific combination of safe alternatives which deliver same value of essential omega-3's.   But also,  be sure to click on the tab "Vital Life-Saving Info" above for details on a smart strategy to protect your cardio-vascular system and much more! 

Everyone is on a budget these days, so it would make good sense to first go to http://www.ebates.com, and then search their drop-down menu (upper left corner) which lists % rebate they give for each store.  For example, if you scroll down to stores starting with letter "V", you can select http://www.vitacost.com, whose website will then come up after a notice first flashes on your screen.  This will result in a double savings (Vitacost's drastic reduction shown for each product you purchase, plus your monthly rebate check from eBates). 

Some products can only be purchased via the manufacturer direct because they don't work with stores as reseller (who typically purchase wholesale and sell retail).  These use a different model called network marketing which does not require the distributor to physically stock products to then ship out to customers.  We do provide links to a few of that nature, in cases where there is no other way to obtain a particular product which is truly outstanding.  In those cases, ULCS Clinic will receive a portion of the proceeds as a sales commission. This is stated here because we believe in total transparency and full disclosure.  Using any of those websites, you can choose to purchase below retail by becoming a preferred customer.  For even lower prices, you can become a distributor and earn profits by passing the good word along to your friends after you experience the benefits!